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The Orange Track Mentorship Program

May 16 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST



The Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico and Holland House Mexico invite you to apply to our joint mentorship program: The Orange Track.


In 2019, the share of female (self-employed) entrepreneurs in Mexico was 21%, mostly active in the informal sector. As the formality of work in Mexico increases, the number of female entrepreneurs decreases. According to OECD figures, the percentage of women who manage other workers is only 2.3%. The main factors influencing these figures are access to education, the availability of financial and economic resources, and traditional stigmas in society. There is wide consensus that participation of women and minority groups in senior positions strengthens organisations and contributes to their profitability. 

A proven way of helping starters in their professional development is through one-on-one mentoring. Research shows that mentoring can create significant learning curves benefiting both sides. Experts acknowledge that mentees’ knowledge and skills are positively influenced by mentoring, while their attitudes facing uncertainty, flexibility and innovation are found to be strongly influenced in the short and long run. A mentoring relationship can enhance mentors’ own psychosocial development and growth; protégés gain from the synergy that results.

A collaborative effort between HHM and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico, The Orange Track is a mentoring program, a dynamic initiative designed to facilitate the personal and professional growth of individuals. The inaugural edition of the Orange Track was launched in 2022. The pilot program was successfully completed by 8 participant couples, showcasing the commitment and enthusiasm within our community for mentorship and professional development.


The primary objective of The Orange Track is to establish a platform that accelerates the personal and professional development of mentees. This is achieved through the provision of valuable advice, guidance, feedback, and the sharing of experiences by dedicated mentors, who meanwhile enhance their leadership and communication. The program seeks to cultivate a network of experienced and engaged mentors alongside motivated mentees. The mentorship program consists of a group of mentors and an equally large group of mentees that meet regularly. Besides, mentees will enjoy additional group sessions and workshops focused on soft skills and collaborative abilities. 



  • Exercise leadership and coaching skills.
  • Master communication abilities. 
  • Share your passion, knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Social responsibility; contributing to the development of young professionals.
  • Redefinition of goals and career plans.
  • Learn about new trends, problems, or technologies through others.
  • Build networks in other sectors.
  • Exposure and brand image. The logos of the mentor’s organizations will be included in all the materials of the program (presentations, webinars…). 


  • Close contact with a senior leader.
  • Personal and professional development through advice, guidance, feedback and experiences shared by mentors. 
  • Organisational experience.
  • Building and maintaining professional networks.
  • Knowledge about career options.
  • Life experience.
  • Technical specialisation.

Responsibilities and commitment


Mentors participating in the program should commit to dedicate around 1 hour per month to the coaching of mentees (one individual meeting). Sessions can be either virtual or in-person, according to participants’ preference and the agreement between mentor and mentee.


Mentees should commit to dedicate around 1 hour per month to coaching sessions with their mentor, as well as additional time to implement the ideas and initiatives generated in the mentorship sessions. These are the general guidelines; however, it is up to the mentor and mentee to decide how to spread their time and attention and how follow-up is shaped.

Mentees are expected to share their objectives and expectations of the program with their mentor before or during their first individual mentorship session. As part of The Orange Track, mentees will undergo a personality test at the beginning and the end of the program. The initial test will assist them and their mentors in identifying key focus areas and defining desired outcomes. Test results will also be shared with the program managers of The Orange Track in order to measure the project’s success.

Additionally, mentees will participate in the monthly group sessions (1 hour) and webinars (1 hour) to learn about different subjects and tools such as how to justify assessments, negotiation, orders and offers, coordination of actions…, concepts that will help you have better conversations to achieve great results. During the webinars, participants will acquire the foundations on the ontology of language which will be socialised during the group sessions. 

In total, mentees are expected to commit around 3 hours per month to the 3 activities (individual mentorships, group sessions and webinar) plus the needed time to complete the personality tests and the microtasks assigned during the individual mentorship sessions. 

Furthermore, all mentors and mentees will participate in an on-site kick-off workshop (estimated duration 4h) and a closing event (estimated duration 2h) in Mexico City.

Both mentors and mentees agree to complete an evaluation form halfway through the program and at its conclusion. Upon program completion, both mentor and mentee agree to reflect on the objectives set at the beginning of the track.


All activities and materials in The Orange Track will be delivered in Spanish. 


The program is fully funded by the Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico and Holland House Mexico. Participation in The Orange Track is free for mentors and mentees. 


All participants will receive a completion certificate upon successfully finishing the program. Please note that attendance at a minimum of 80% of the activities is required to qualify for the certificate.


The Orange Track will be launched on May 16th during a kick-off workshop at the Ambassador’s Residence. Mentors and mentees will have a chance to meet in person during the event.

How do I join?


Mentors are expected to bring 5+ years of experience in a management position and should commit to invest the required time and attention to this initiative. If you’re interested in joining as a mentor, please contact ruben@hollandhousemexico.com


Mentees can come from any private organisation in Mexico or be self-employed, with a demonstrable connection to the Dutch business community in Mexico. If you’d like to join as a mentee, please fill out the application form.



May 16
9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST
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Holland House Mexico
Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico